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Welcome to Your Fleet


With our iconic jet, capable of traveling from 30 minutes to 17 hours non-stop, we provide the perfect solution for any journey, anywhere, anytime.

Membership LevelMonthly FeeAnnual FeeFlight Hours IncludedAdditional Hourly RatePriority BookingExclusive Benefits
Bronze$1,000$10,0005 hours$1,500StandardBasic in-flight amenities
Silver$2,500$25,00015 hours$1,200HighPremium in-flight amenities, Complimentary Wi-Fi
Gold$5,000$50,00035 hours$1,000HigherPremium in-flight amenities, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Lounge access
Platinum$10,000$100,00075 hours$800HighestAll Gold benefits, Priority boarding, Complimentary catering
Diamond$20,000$200,000150 hours$600UltimateAll Platinum benefits, Dedicated concierge, Complimentary ground transportation


  • Flight Hours Included: Hours that are included in the membership per month or year.
  • Additional Hourly Rate: Cost per hour for flight time beyond the included hours.
  • Priority Booking: Levels of booking priority from Standard to Ultimate.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Additional perks and amenities exclusive to each membership level.

How Co-owners Share the Jet

Usage Planning

Owners can arrange their time with the jet according to their individual needs. Whether it's for a short business trip, a long vacation, or a special event, co-owners can organize and plan their usage to ensure everyone has fair access.

Equitable Distribution

Our system employs an equitable distribution method to allocate usage rights among co-owners. This ensures each owner gets their fair share of time with the jet, maximizing the value of their investment.

Open Communication

Clear and open communication is vital for successful co-ownership. Our platform facilitates effective communication channels among co-owners, enabling them to coordinate schedules, resolve issues, and make collective decisions.

Expert Management

Our expert management team handles the planning and coordination of jet usage, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for all co-owners. From managing bookings to handling maintenance and servicing, we take care of every detail.